I love to paint. Painting makes me forget about the whole world because, for a while, a "new" world, full of mysteries, comes to life.

It starts with a beautiful picture or a beautiful view that catches my eyes. Suddenly, I want to capture its essence. The white canvas is waiting to be awoken like a "Sleeping Beauty," ready to unveil the unknown.  I pick up the brushes and run to the canvas. The colors start mixing almost by themselves, telling me where to dip the brush. Then, the brushes start their magic dance on the canvas, and Iím a spectator at the most beautiful dance Iíve ever seen.

Gradually, the painting starts to unfold in front of my eyes, and I find myself "consumed" by the burning desire to reach the end of the rainbow, where lies the soul of the painting.  Sometimes, the brush stops moving. Then, you have to take over and try to find a new direction until the brush starts "dancing" again.  The dark undertones go first. Then, the lighter tones are added, creating a contrasting effect that gives life to the painting. The colors that youíre using are very important. Bright colors, versus dark or muddy ones, give a happy feeling to your painting.

Painting requires a lot of detailed work. Capturing the essence of a subject, or just giving life to an idea that you have, it's not always easy. Mood swings can be a major factor. One second youíre on the top of the world and the brush seems like a restless butterfly on the canvas; the next second, youíre down, and all inspiration is gone. Youíre struggling again, waiting for the next muse to stop by.  There are times when I donít even think about painting; there are times when I would like to paint but I donít have the time; there are times when painting is all that I do.

Painting is easy, even if it doesnít look like it. Itís much easier than drawing, although sometimes you have to draw before you paint. If your drawing is not very good, you can always "correct" it, by painting over it. Your painting abilities improve over time, and the more you paint, the better you get.

Painting is very rewarding. Once youíve finished the painting, it is like having a new friend. Itís there for you, day and night, making you feel better about yourself and reminding you of the happy feelings you had, when you were creating it.

Because of painting, I can connect to the beautiful unknown world that wants to come out of the canvas and tell its story. I feel privileged to participate in the magic dance of the brushes and to listen to the divine music of the colors, which--for me--makes painting a wonderful art.